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Apr 21, 2012

Korean Dish Party

I had to remember myself I draw a party in my place serving Korean dish, which my foreigner friends cried for. I've been busy like a crazy not taking any picture from the party.

I invited 10 foreigners and 1 Korean serving;

  • 부르스게타
  • 전 - 애호박전, 감자콘전, 녹두전, 육전
  • 로스티드 넛츠
  • 칵테일새우오이 샐러드
  • 버섯잡채
  • 닭강정
  • 소갈비
  • 오징어볶음
  • 양배추쌈밥
  • 양파마늘볶음밥
  • 된장찌개
  • 오이배 무침
  • 각종피클 - 흰무저림, 양파비트피클, 순무피클, 깍두기 
  • 고구마맛탕
  • 쑥인절미
  • 식혜
  • 치즈러스크
  • and 각종 주류.. 진토닉, 화이트 레드 로제 와인, 맥주.

There were 2 more dish I originally planned but as I suffer from lack of preparation time and loss of energy, I gave up in the last hours.

The party turned out to be nicely done. My mom said 'draw another party no more'. Yeah, I felt that way but there are still people that I haven't invited yet. 

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