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Feb 25, 2012

Fun Day Out

There haven't been any celebration after the 2nd store opening and new year in the office. So, today was the first ever day for everybody in the head office of Pakistan had a fun day out. 

We firstly went to Nando's for lunch. The local colleagues ordered some dish I'd never seen before.. hanging kebab with rice. It looked funny but I am pretty sure it has a lot of pepper spices inside. Indeed, the entree was deep fried chili I choked out. My dish was half chicken (It was a bit too much for a person, so I shared 1 piece with my colleague) served in 2 piece of chicken legs with wedge. I think my choice was nice. For dessert, I had coffee cake with coffee. The coffee cake was better than chocolate cake.

After the satisfactory lunch, we all went to play bowling at Uptown LA in R Block, Defense. It had been like 20 years since I played it last time. The first round was like a warm-up but I beat all the players scoring 126 in the 2nd round. So I asked around "Who is the Boss?". Rocked it. 

By the way, the facility is okay. It looked pretty new but I don't think the local people know pretty much about how to play with right balls and shoes, and the manners. Who cares, all people go there to have a fun after all. 

It was a short but fun half day out. After coming back, I had a booze with my neighboring family. 

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