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Nov 6, 2011

Restaurants in Karachi - 1

I haven't been to many restaurants yet. I prefer cooking and eating at home or my friends'. It is partly because I am worried about hygiene - I had a fairly serious diarrhea a couple of times already and mostly it was at the local food restaurants. I've heard the same advice a lot - never eat anything raw including any sort of vegetables and fruits. 

When I visit Karachi, there is no choice but go to restaurants. Here are some of the good ones;

B.B.Q Tonight (Pakistani)
I think Pakistani is proud to have this chain. I've heard it had long history since it's opening. They barbecue meats and seafood on the outside grills. You need to ask the waiter to get the taste milder - wash all the spice before barbecue. I went to the original store in Karachi once and twice to the one in Lahore.

Fujiyama at Avari Towers (Japanese)

It serves Tepan dishes as well as Sushi. It is fresh and the taste is fairly good. You can't miss the garlic rice. There is the same restaurant in Lahore but this one in the Karachi Avari hotel tastes better. The city view is also good.

Cafe Flo (French)
I think this Cafe Flo is the best French restaurant in Pakistan. I went there with 2 French colleagues and 2 Korean colleagues. It was so funny to watch a French eating snails in Pakistan. The salads are fresh without hygiene problems and all dishes are generally good. It has a beautiful garden with blossom flowers and cute decor. When you are ordering steak, you need to see whether the price is per kilo or a whole dish.

Jen Ko Gae (Korean)

There is only one Korean restaurant. I don't want to recommend but there is nowhere else but Jen Ko Gae. As a matter of fact, many people appreciate its existence. I've been there 4 times already trying different dishes. I think Jja-jang-myun and Jam-ppong are the best simply because it is rare and difficult to cook without certain Korean ingredients.

Kebab-ji at Sheraton (Lebanese)
The starter is great. The Kebab is too dry though. We (3 people) bought a bottle of wine upstairs - it is difficult to find any place to buy liquid anywhere in Pakistan. Exotic food with wine made the entire dinner great. Pictures are only from the starter dish.

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