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Aug 14, 2011

Independence Day

The Pakistani Independence day is August 14. I was told not to go out in the evening because there will be a lot of people and cars on the street celebrating its independence. I can only assume it'd be a day like the Korean national football team won over a competitive team in the 2002 World-cup. I'm thinking of stepping out to witness what is really happening. I will try to get back from the church as early as possible to avoid the crowd though.

The Korean Independence day is August 15. There won't be much of an outrageous party but a reminder that we were a colony not long time ago. It is amazing that Korea has achieved this far - 14th or 15th in the World GDP ranking. Pakistan is the 46th or 47th. I am actually surprised the ranking of Pakistan is not as low as I thought. Referring to the domestic consumption and national resources this country has, it has a great potential to grow if the terrorism doesn't tackle its way. 

It's a silent and relaxing Sunday. I've been watching "Thunderbirds" and "Hachiko; A dog's story" with Lavazza coffee, croissant and orange. Unlike Korea, the Church Service starts at 14:00 so I can sleep in, have brunch and good to go. In the Independence day evening, I can hear lots of horns from the street. 
After the peaceful morning, I got busy with inviting a colleague family who just got back from their vacation in Korea. I cooked Potato Pizza (Gamja Jun) served with beer, Pretzel snack, pop-corn and fruits (grape, peach and orange).  It's a fun to see little kids playing around in a big house while adults are having chit-chats over beer, but only sometimes.

After all left, I was able to watch another movie, 'Extraordinary Measures'. A great film especially for somebody having a patient in her/his family.

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