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June 2011 - Dec. 2014 Lahore, Pakistan
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Jun 21, 2011

Visit to street shops and first shopping

Today was one of the hottest Summer days. The Sun was blasting from the morning till late evening. I'm sure it is still steamy hot out there.

Having heard it's especially hot during day-time, I went out to visit some street shops nearby the office. During the 1 & half hours of exposure, I got soaking wet. However, I should say it was a worth visit at least to check out what people are interested. Most shops are for home decoration (mostly fabrics), garments to make clothes (people here buy garments and go to sewing professionals) and clothes (usually one size or 3 size). There are also restaurants including fast food like McDonal's, Pakistani and Fusion (they insist they serve Chinese but it's so localized).

I bought some fabric to cover my desk at work and they'll come to measure my desk tomorrow; how on earth a tailor visit their customer, measure, cut the fabric and attach to the desk with very cheap price? Well, it's fancy. I'll see what's going to happen in the end.

My first purchase from a hyper-market was made today, and it was a tremendous fun. Almost all shoppers stared at me even the staff.  I didn't mind because I knew it's gonna happen. Nobody came to me to take a photo though. Since there are not many foreigners and they feel friendly about Asians, I've heard some people gaze at those foreigners and sometimes ask to take a picture.

After finding it's extraordinarily expensive to go to the gym in comparison with the living cost here, I decided not to work out every day. I think I'll go 3 or 4 times a week.

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