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Aug 10, 2010

Summer Diet - Danish Diet

This August is the core month of my health.

Many health problems are caused by over-weight. This over-weight can be resulted from stress, too.

I quit drinking simply because I couldn't take it any more - my working environment was like hard and brain-racking overtime work and drinking often twice a day. It is notorious for my type of company in which the employees are generally heavy drinkers. Together with this working environment and stress from seriously ill mother really got me and I couldn't continue living like that.

Anyway, as a part of getting my health back, I have to lose some weight as much as 5-8kg. For the past several days, I gradually cut down what I eat and started this Danish Diet today.

I originally don't like boiled eggs too much but the main menu of this diet is boiled eggs and grape fruits. As the first day, it was okay to have those 6 eggs for breakfast and lunch. I guess the first challenge will come for dinner when I'm having 3 more eggs.

I thought 7 days are enough but it turned out to be 13 days. Well, I feel like I actually eat more than I normally eat. I'll see how much this diet program works for me altogether with my Pilates.

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