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May 24, 2010

Relaxation at Healience

May 21 was the publich holiday - Budda's birthday. Holiday in Friday always generates excitements to most people especially who plan out a short vacation like it did to me.

I've been interested in this place, named 'Healience' planned and operated by Dr. Lee Si Hyung who broadly promotes Serotonin in Korea. I've felt I'm lack of this Serotonin and wanted to experience the programs this place offers.

I thought the place wasn't well-known and I could book a program without difficulties. The reality was I had to book any program like one or two months before the participating dates. There was no room whatsoever, so I reserved one day program thinking I could ask somebody on the spot. It was pain in my as* driving down there. It normally taks one or two hours to get there from Seoul but took me 6 freaking hours. I was thinking of going back but I had to think back how desperately I've wanted to do this.

In result, it was definitely worth driving, and I met this young lady who used to be a journalist asked the marketing manager sorted out one room for us. It must have been too painful to drive back to Seoul in the middle of darkness because this place is in the middle of nowhear but mountains/hills.

This place opens its doors only to who made reservations. After quite some minutes of driving from Hongchun IC exit, the sign of 'Healience' appears when I was about to think I got on a wrong way. This whole place is like a secret garden. After parking, it widely embrances the comers. All people need to walk up the wooden stairs next to a brooklet.

Then I'd find these 2 office building situated in nature; the front one is restaurent and the other is for the registration, spa, fitness, and rest area holding books, piano and snacks. Behind these buildings there are 7 accomodation buildings. Each room has a small valcony with a small set of table and chairs.

All mobile phones don't work here. There's no TV or radio. I had some troubles while I was out of reach from my colleagues and friends though.

Overall, this place is awesome. It naturally gives you the Serotonin you've been missing. After 6 hours of exhausting hours of driving, I had to sit down in the outdoor table with coffee and feel that I am finally here at Healience.

There was a small session explaining how each meal works. I should eat the dessert first and main course at the end for 30 full minutes. That's why there is a sandglass on each table so when people start having their meals, they put it upside down. It takes 20 minutes when your stomach feels full.

Soon after the darkness visited this village, it gives another beauty of even more calmness. There is a part for 3 camp fires around where people get together and share their minds. It was my first time to see the clearest Big Dipper right above my head.

It was too warm to sleep very well but I fortunately had no headache in the morning. I missed the early walk-up and spa. However, I'll come later to experience them all. Instead, I participated in a Yoga class and I climbed up to the hill taking 2 tracking courses. It had been so long since I've been away from those healthy exercises I used to do. Maybe that is why I became this weak and gained lots of weights.

The most favorite spot was what Dr. Lee seemed to be fond of. There is a big oak tree giving the most stable energy next to a small waterfall in a brooklet. There's a comfortable chair where I can lie down listening to the watering sound and feeling the fresh air/energy.
I shall come back again.

On the way back, I took a local road and enjoyed the last minute of my short vacation. May is surely the queen of all seasons.

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