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Mar 29, 2010

Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2010

For SFW S/S '09, I organized the new chapter for the Seoul Fashion Week as an outsourcing agent of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It is usual for a big city to own its fashion week like New York Fashion Week although some cities let the civil companies organize. As my career began in the fashion industry as a int'l fashion license coordinator, I've had my passion toward fashion.

Before the SFW S/S '09, there were flat events: high fashion collection and trading fair. The problem was that those influencial and big named designers are too old to lead the industry but young and hot designers have bright future and mostly educated overseas. So the new elements were introduced for the first time: 'Int'l Fashion Exchange', ' Generation Next' and 'Int'l Fashion Forum'.

Yesterday, I made my effort to go to Kring, the venue for the 'Generation Next' for SFS F/W '10 and reminded me of how it was when I was the organizer - I'd never want to do it again because it is just too exhausting task.

I like this designer, Choi Ji-hyung labelled with 'Johnny Hates Jazz'.
The jacket looked very nice.

Being a fashion show is to meet with those old partners and see how they wear. You could see celebrities invited by designers and eye-poping chicks. I guess Lady Ga Ga is the look to follow for some fashion people this season.

I'd love to go to SETEC, the main location during the week but I'm not sure whether I can make it. There are usually parties hosted by some hot designers at hot spots throughout Seoul. Then again, there are too many happenings I can join thesedays, so I don't go anywhere.

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