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Feb 9, 2010

Last night in Canberra

It already has been 3 weeks here. I feel like I got healthier tremendously helped by my friends. I had another busy day here today: visit my friends' office, visit the KOKOBLACK and have a top quality Australian steak.

I spoke about the KOKOBLACK quite a few times already but the quality, service and atmosphere are so attractive. I should think about speaking to the owner to have a franchise in Korea. Apart from I bought another souvenir chocolates there, my friend and I had 2 truffles of Chai choco (awesome) and KOKO 44, ice chocolate mocha (vanilla and chocolate ice-cream in it), and sparkling apple juice.

We've talked about having a real Australian steak. C'mon... I have to have a real one other than barbeque. So we went to this place: Charcoal Restaurant. I found this restaurant has been awared several times, and it certainly serves good quality food. I ordered a prime cut eye fillet with garden salad. NOW I feel like I have done everything I wanted to do in Australia.

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