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Jan 29, 2010

Mother Food

My mom always had been a good cook making my father and me chubby.

One of her specialties like other mothers was Kimbab, rice wrapped in laver. It's a representing picnic food in Korea. You have to have Kimbab, nothing else when you go on a school excursion. When I was about to open my lunch box, my school friends were gathering around me because my mother's Kimbab was full of colorful vegetables with different shapes like leaf. Her friends used to call her up for help when there were big parties. It can't be made without love because you have to work on so many ingredients.

I had a home-made Kimbab in 6 years today in my friend's kitchen. After my mom found her Parkinson's disease in late 2004, her symptons got worse and now she can't do much without a nursing person. However, she always advise our family what to buy and how to cook. She's also a stict critic on food.

Speaking of my mother... there's an endless story inside of me: firstly felt very sorry not to take care of her more before, 2ndly frustrated to face the fact there's no cure, 3rdly embarrassed not to make enough money to nurture her with nameless medicines, and now helplessly sad for my whole family.

Before I got collapsed, I had to leave out of the whole thing making excuses to others that I'm seriously ill. As a matter of fact, I haven't listened to my body screaming loud that I needed a break.
Anyway, this Kimbab made of family love was great. Also my bean-paste soup. Having a place like home is just so great and warmy.

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