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June 2011 - Dec. 2014 Lahore, Pakistan
Jan. 2015 - July 2017 Almaty, Kazakhstan

Jun 15, 2017

Reactivating the blog

Last night, I suddenly thought of my past - I guess it is because I am leaving Kazakhstan in July and started to think about what I have done in the past. The existence of my own blog hit me and started to search. I shall re-start writing my own story; I am sure it will be mainly Yuni & Roy stories which I already wrote separately; 20 YuRoy stories since July 2012.

May 29, 2012

Karachi before the Vacation

It was 3 months ago I planned and made all the bookings because my friend who’d be joining me in Istanbul has similar characteristics when it comes to ‘preparation’. She and I have known each other for about 15 years now.

Even before going on my vacation, I felt as if I already had this trip. I never knew the schedule was as hectic as I had to break the regular timeline to go to sleep and get up to catch the early flights to go to another city.

Many people in traditional wear standing in front of the Mosque in Clifton
This Mosque area is always crowded with people and cars

Nobody likes going to Karachi (for me, I have to go to the city at least once a month to check the store) but I put it in front of my vacation because the international flight connections are far much better than Lahore. It was already a bother because every time I make my visit to the store, I get a bit of stress as well as physically stressed after long standing hours. Then again, I should appreciate the company allowing me to take off from Karachi right after my business trip.

For this time of my visit to Karachi, I got wondered what if a traveler visited this city. If it is an adventurer from western/eastern countries who never experienced Middle Eastern or Indian cultures, he would be amazed. Otherwise, it’s just a dangerous city with such struggles of people lacking electricity and clean water. Every day people get killed, and it seems normal. I just can’t get used to hearing some number of people died yesterday or there are bomb blasts somewhere near or in the city.

After wrapping up my business trip, I came back to the hotel to get some sleep for the early flight to Istanbul. I couldn’t sleep as much as I wanted though.

May 27, 2012

Vacation Plan 2012

May 27  Lahore - Karachi (Business Trip for a couple of days)
May 29  Karachi - Istanbul (Day Tour to Taksim) - Cappadocia
May 30  Cappadocia on a Green Tour
May 31  Cappadocia - Istanbul - Prague 
June 1    Prague Day Tour
June 2    Cesky Krumlov Day Tour
June 3    Prague - Istanbul
June 4    Istanbul Free Tour
June 5    Istanbul Day Tour
June 6    Istanbul - Ephesus (Day Tour) - Pamukkale
June 7    Pamukkale Day Tour
June 8    Pamukkale - Istanbul (Half Day Free Tour) - Karachi
June 9    Karachi - Lahore

May 12, 2012

기억의 습작 - 건축학 개론

이제 11개월 째 되어간다. 여기 나와 혼자 산지 1년 남짓 되어가기도 하고 구정 즈음 한국 다녀온지도 몇개월 지나서인가 아니면 너무 더워져서인가 심심하고 갑갑한 기분이 든다.

그래도 이달말에 새로운 나라로 여행간다는 생각으로 스스로 개운하게 만들고 있었다.

토요일이라 어김없이 파티(피아노와 기타연주에 맞춰 노래부르는 파티라고 하는데 대부분 아주 나이 많으신 어른들이 주도가 되는 것처럼 보였다)에 초대받았는데 안간다고 하고는 아이스크림을 껴안고 '건축학 개론'을 보기 시작했다.

건축학개론최근 관객 300만 돌파했다는 기사를 어디선가 본듯 하고 페북지인이 기억의 습작 운운하며 글을 썼길래 무슨 영화인가 궁금하기는 했다. 보는 내내 아련하게 대학시절이 생각나기도 하고 처음 사귀었던 남자친구, 그리고 현재의 내 생활이 여러모로 겹쳐서 생각나게 하는 영화였다. 재작년에 결혼안한 친구들이랑 제주도로 놀러가서 정말 재미있게 놀았던 기억, 그리고 여행끝에 다같이 돈 모아서 제주도에 집 짓고 살자는 얘기를 했던 것도 생각나게 하는.

대학때 일본영화가 불법이던 시절 홍대 어두컴컴한 까페에서 봤던 영화 러브레터가 생각나기도 했다. 고등학교때 도서반이었던 나는 어렸을 때 더 어렸을 때의 감성이 기억났었기 때문이다.

요즘 내 또래 아이들이 성장해서 사회에서 중간관리자가 되어 각 분야에서 활동을 할께다. 옛 기억들을 같이 공유를 해서인가 출판이나 영화, 드라마에서 어릴 적의 감성들을 되새길 수 있다.

어제는 나이 70이 넘은 외국인의 집에서 같이 와인 한잔을 들고 같이 저녁을 먹고 그의 젊은 시절을 볼 수 있는 사진들과 액자들을 보며 이런 저런 얘기를 나눴다. 정말 다양한 인생의 경험을 되세길 수 있어서 좋겠다고 했다. 그는 앞으로도 하고 싶은 것이 더 많다고 했다. 

나도 이제는 인생의 반 정도 산걸까. 앞으로 할 수 있는 것들이 했던 것보다 많을 것 같다는 것보다 과거와 미래를 생각하며 균형있게 살아가고, 현재를 충실히.. 성실 보다는 감정에 솔직하게 하고 싶은 것 하면서 살아가야겠다. 그리고 언젠가는 내 집을 내 손으로 지을 수 있을 거라고 되새기면서. 

Apr 21, 2012

Korean Dish Party

I had to remember myself I draw a party in my place serving Korean dish, which my foreigner friends cried for. I've been busy like a crazy not taking any picture from the party.

I invited 10 foreigners and 1 Korean serving;

  • 부르스게타
  • 전 - 애호박전, 감자콘전, 녹두전, 육전
  • 로스티드 넛츠
  • 칵테일새우오이 샐러드
  • 버섯잡채
  • 닭강정
  • 소갈비
  • 오징어볶음
  • 양배추쌈밥
  • 양파마늘볶음밥
  • 된장찌개
  • 오이배 무침
  • 각종피클 - 흰무저림, 양파비트피클, 순무피클, 깍두기 
  • 고구마맛탕
  • 쑥인절미
  • 식혜
  • 치즈러스크
  • and 각종 주류.. 진토닉, 화이트 레드 로제 와인, 맥주.

There were 2 more dish I originally planned but as I suffer from lack of preparation time and loss of energy, I gave up in the last hours.

The party turned out to be nicely done. My mom said 'draw another party no more'. Yeah, I felt that way but there are still people that I haven't invited yet. 

Apr 16, 2012

Parties and Show

There are parties on most weekends. If not, I go to the church, and hang out with a couple of Koreans or Korean families for dinner at least.

This week, I was invited to one of the Pakistani Fashion Show. However, as I suspected, they delayed the run way from 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. without any notice to the invitees.

At least I was brought in to the fashion fair, and got a gift of a cosmetics. I didn't dare stay till late but got back home with the gift. I'm not sure I'd be appearing in any of the show photos in some papers and magazines of the week and month.

They built some essentials of a fashion show but details are in low.

Mar 18, 2012

Restaurants in Karachi - 2

After my 1st posting, "Restaurants in Karachi - 1", I found a couple of more restaurants in Karachi. 

Winter is very short in Karachi. In cool season, eating outside the balcony is fresh. This place has a chimney for pizza as well. All dish was generally very nice so was the atmosphere. 

Shapes Health Club Compound
Old Railway Club, 139 Mc Niel Road, Cantt
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-521-4684, 3-521-9657

I was in Karachi last week for 2 days, and I went to this Chinese restaurant twice ordering all different food. Whatever you choose, they are all good. For spicy lovers, any dish with 2 chilli signs will be delicious. I mean this is Pakistan. You can't expect this much quality food with this clean environment. I think this place opened or renovated pretty recently as my eyes were a bit sore from the new paintings.

29-C Main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz
Phase 6, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-534-5362, 3-534-5363

Mar 17, 2012

Party Season - Oscar Night & St.Patrick's

There have been parties almost every Friday, Saturday and small parties on Sundays for the past weeks including this weekend. I've been hanging out a lot, and my flu doesn't get better. 

If I keep close relationship with foreign friends, there are non-stop parties. I've heard the Oscar Night hosted by the international club is the most exciting, and it truly was. 

People here don't have chances to dress-up, and the Oscar Night was like the only occasion. The club invited a mimic figure of Elvis Presley from "South Africa", and the attendees ended up dancing altogether at the end of the party. It was fun.

Asian Chicks in Black Dresses. With My Dear Senior Sis, Sue.
I will soon be going to the St. Patrick's Party tonight.
... And a photo from there.
Dress Code: Green. Pinky, me and Sue on the green grass.

Mar 7, 2012


Golf - the 7th lesson: Chip-shots

& Walking fast at home

Feb 26, 2012

Rest to cook 감자옹심이 & 육전

I was so determined to cook Potato Starch Pasta (감자옹심이 수제비) and Fried Beef with Shallot Salad (파절이를 곁들인 육전)today. Indeed, I was a bit sick in my neck and back feeling there's some flu coming after more than a week of tight schedule and exercise than usual.

Anyway, I took a full day off and started cooking right after the light breakfast.

This potato really got me to make it pasta. However, it was worth spending a couple of hours making the soup pasta, and I was able to share it with my neighbors. And then I made Sugar coated sweet potato that I also shared with my neighboring family.

And then fried beef with which I had so-ju. This dish was actually for the guests visited my house last week. I thought there were too many other dishes for the guests, so I reserved it for this week. I thought this dish goes very well with strong drinks. I'd make it again for those occasions later.

After all the eats, I feel very full, feeling guilty a little bit not to exercise any today. Well, I got another busy week ahead.

Feb 25, 2012

Fun Day Out

There haven't been any celebration after the 2nd store opening and new year in the office. So, today was the first ever day for everybody in the head office of Pakistan had a fun day out. 

We firstly went to Nando's for lunch. The local colleagues ordered some dish I'd never seen before.. hanging kebab with rice. It looked funny but I am pretty sure it has a lot of pepper spices inside. Indeed, the entree was deep fried chili I choked out. My dish was half chicken (It was a bit too much for a person, so I shared 1 piece with my colleague) served in 2 piece of chicken legs with wedge. I think my choice was nice. For dessert, I had coffee cake with coffee. The coffee cake was better than chocolate cake.

After the satisfactory lunch, we all went to play bowling at Uptown LA in R Block, Defense. It had been like 20 years since I played it last time. The first round was like a warm-up but I beat all the players scoring 126 in the 2nd round. So I asked around "Who is the Boss?". Rocked it. 

By the way, the facility is okay. It looked pretty new but I don't think the local people know pretty much about how to play with right balls and shoes, and the manners. Who cares, all people go there to have a fun after all. 

It was a short but fun half day out. After coming back, I had a booze with my neighboring family. 

Golf drive range and Last bonfire

I finally started to learn how to play golf. I had 3 lessons so far at GymKhana CC. Thinking about carrying all the golf equipment several months back, I should have started it earlier. Anyway, thanks to long hours of lunch time and many people encouraging me to start, I was able to take this lesson during lunch time. Hope I can work this out well.

The international club drew the last bonfire of the season for Friday night buffet dinner. There weren't too many foreigners but good enough to talk around the fire.

After 4 glasses of red wine chatting with nice people made the day.

Feb 21, 2012

Places to go and eat in Islamabad

• Serena Hotel - Beautiful hotel to stay

• Peer Sohawa and the Monal restaurant (This is a mountain peak) - The Pakistani restaurent is very busy. Make a reservation for the window seats at the Italian restaurent.

• Saidpur Heritage Village

• Lake View Park

• Ankara Park

• Jinnah Park (This is in Pindi Cantt where its Cinepax Cinema)

• Hiking Track (Trail number 3 and this is in F6)

• China Market (This is in Pindi, it is a market where everything is available in very low prices)

• Papasalis (This is in Islamabad and is an Italian restaurant)

• Pakistan Monument

• Olive Garden (This is a restaurant in F7)

• Royal Orchards (This is also a restaurant in F6)

• Upper Deck (This is also a restaurant in F7)

• Faisal Mosque (Biggest Mosque of Asia and this is in E7)

• Kabul Restaurant (Afghani Food and this is in Jinnah Super F7)

• PC Burban (This is in Murree, and is the Pearl Continental Hotel)

• Patrayatta (This is also in Murree, Ayubia, and this is where cabel cars are the entire mountains can be seen)

• Murree Mall Road (This is where all the shops are, its a very big street with different restaurants and shopping places)

Places to go and eat in Lahore

• Badshahi Mosque (It was built by the Mughal Emperor)
• Lahore Fort (This is opposite Badshahi Mosque)

• Cuckoo's Den (its a restaurant opposite Badshahi Mosque). They sell Pakistani food and the food is very good and famous.
   Red Light Area

   Lahore, Pakistan.
   Tel: (92-42) 3-763-5955

• English Tea House (They serve the traditional English tea platter and other snacks as well). This is opposite Athar Shahzad Studio, its inside Yum - Chinese - Restaurant in its backyard.
   24-K Gulberg II.
   Lahore, Pakistan.
   Tel: (92-42) 571-5535, 571-5536
• Espresso (For Coffee, Breakfast or Lunch). In the same building, Nishat - high quality export quality Home Linen brand - is located from the ground floor to 4th. Worth to visit.

• BBQ Tonight (For traditional Pakistai barbeque food), Ask to wash all the spice not using peppers too much.
   7A/3, Mehmood Kasuri Road, Near Hussain Chowk

   Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan.
   Tel: (92-42) 3-571-4273 UAN: 111-227-111

• Salt & Peppers Village (For traditional Pakistani Buffet. Busy on weekend evening)
   103-B/II, M.M. Alam Road Gulberg III
   Lahore, Pakistan.
   Tel: (92-42) 3-575-0735, 3-587-5536

• CAFÉ AYLANTO (For fine Italian dining, its on M.M.Alam Road)
   12-C/1, M.M. Alam Road

   Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan.
   Tel: (92-42) 3-575-1886, 3-571-2580

• Laxmi Chowk (This is the Old Lahore, and is know for Chops)

• Lahore Museum

• Jhanghir's Tomb (The architecture and the Fresco's are very good)

• Minar-e-Pakistan (This was made when Pakistan was made and independent country)

• Wagha Border (This is where Pakistan and India's border meet, the gates open between 4 to 4:30pm, at the time of Ashar Prayer, from both the sides and there is a march or a parade done by both the countries soldiers. But it is better to reach the place by 3 or 3:30pm, to get a right place to see).

Feb 19, 2012


라호르에 도착한지 7개월여가 흘렀다.

심방예배를 하고 싶다고 생각한지도 몇개월이 지났는데 한국에 갔다와서 꼭 해야지 마음먹었었는데 실천. 어제 목사님 부부와 권사님, 집사님 각 한분을 모시고 예배를 드리고 점심대접을 했다.

해야된다고 생각하던걸 하고나니 마음에 평안이 왔다. 

어르신들을 모시는 거라 다른 파티 때보다 더 신경이 쓰였는데, 준비했던 점심메뉴 적어본다.

  1. 부르스게타
  2. 녹두묵 - 직접 녹두를 갈아서 만든 묵인데 한국시장에서 파는 그냥 묵이랑은 차원이 다른 맛. 묵을 별로 좋아하지 않았는데 이 묵을 먹고 사랑에 빠짐. 권사님이 해서 가져오심.
  3. 유린기 
  4. 콩현미잡곡밥
  5. 똠얌꿍 - 매운탕식으로 한 똠양꿍이라 다들 좋아해주셨다.
  6. 무조림 
  7. 오징어오쿠라볶음 - 원래 오징어꽈리고추볶음인데 꽈리고추대신 레이디핑거(오쿠라)를 사용했다.
  8. 무말랭이무침 & 김치
  9. 멸치견과류볶음
  10. 식혜
  11. 고구마맛탕
  12. 네스프레소커피 & 키노(파키스탄 오렌지)

  • 무조림과 오징어오쿠라볶음은 정말 성공적인 밑반찬이었다.